sacred synergy

guided meditation and womens group circles every Monday evening



with a love and affluence for bringing people together, Mik attributes her drive for connection from a genuine curiosity of others and the world. her heart lies in creating an exploration hub for others to experience.



jay aims to bring forth a healing movement to all using an open heart and an open mind. with a clear vision of self-love through divine connection she feels a strong desire to connect and spread awareness.



Taking on a holistic approach, Cat is passionate about connecting the mind, body and soul. With a genuine love for heartfelt connections and self exploration she wants to open up the doors of freedom for many others.


myth residents

living amongst and on the walls



with a passion for quirky concepts and expressive graphics, henry is a designer who began his studies in New york. his personal learning curve prompted an optimism for a progressive, collective arts house from which to base himself.






while continuing to self practice his art through the form and expression of the human body, rhys has shifted his focus on to teaching others through the birth of in house meditation and yoga shala, soul.

myth studios residents

deep thinkers and coffee drinkers - producers based out of studio one



one of the world’s nice guys and a key player in the development of electronic music in adelaide, motez is an artist who blurs the line between touching, melodic sounds for any sunset and moving basslines that drive dancefloors late into the evening



Born out of their favourite sandwich, Wallace & Malone is a project inspired by a love for rolling basslines, chord progression and interesting percussion. House & disco music for the cafe or the club.



An up and coming force in Adelaide, TRFK is a hard working and driven producer whose beats reflect the broken, beatsy style that has formed much of his inspiration.

MYth visitors

Josh Butler.jpg

Josh butler

uk house music heavyweight josh butler spent two days with us in studio one whilst on his most recent australian tour. 


banjo jackson

local acoustic artist banjo jackson performed for an afternoon in studio one as he was broadcast live for uber'xpressyourself'